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Driving along the main Avenue of Gagra, you will get acquainted with the city and make a stop at the famous colonnade. Cape Pitsunda will please first of all with a relict pine grove. The grove stretches along the sea and is 4 km away.

The new Athos monastery of Simon kananita is a monastic complex of 6 churches, a place of pilgrimage for guests of Abkhazia. The most magnificent is the Cathedral of the great Martyr Panteleimon the Healer, whose walls are painted with frescoes from biblical stories.

The village of Lykhny is one of the oldest settlements in Abkhazia. This is a place where the most significant events took place from time immemorial, where you can feel the ethnic flavor of ancient Abkhazia.

Novoafonskaya cave-will reveal the beauty of the underground world: stalactite palaces, galleries, lakes and waterfalls embodied in stone.

Additional cost:

  • New Athos cave – 500 rubles/person (children under 8 years old free of charge).

  • Tasting – 50 rubles/person.

  • Arrival in the village of Lykhny - 100 rubles/person.

  • Stalin's dacha - 200 rubles/person.

Book a tour: +7 (938) 52-799-67 (Tatyana)

Duration 12 h.
Departure time
Adult ticket 1200 RUB
Children's ticket (6-12 years old)
Children's ticket (up to 6 years old)
850 RUB
500 RUB

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