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Jipping in Abkhazia is an amazing journey that gives you an indescribable feeling of driving an SUV. You will meet: 

  • with Gagra resort - the first climate station on the black sea coast of the Caucasus; 
  • with the resort of Pitsunda-in Pitsunda Bay there are almost no storms and the sea is extremely clean; 
  • with lake Ritsa, where the lake surface of countless shades, mighty mountains in snow caps and green burkas of the forest. 
  • with the Gega waterfall – the highest waterfall of Abkhazia. It gushes out of a narrow crevice in a powerful stream that splits into silver streams, which, hitting the rocks, crumble again. What could be better than icy coolness on a hot day?!

Book a tour: +7 (938) 52-799-67 (Tatyana)

Duration 12 h.
Departure time
Adult ticket 2300 RUB
Children's ticket (8-12 years)
1600 RUB 

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