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Reception of doctors

Highly qualified specialists serve guests and residents of the city, advising patients on diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs, as well as the circulatory system and musculoskeletal system. The experience of the specialists of the Health Center «BARKHATNYE SEZONY» will also help in eliminating the consequences of injuries, including those received at work. Individual treatment programs help to solve health problems and show visible results when contacting the medical center of the city-hotel.

In the Health Center, you can make an appointment for a consultation:

GENERAL PRACTITIONER — general knowledge will help adult patients in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diseases;
PEDIATRICIAN — diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children;
NEUROLOGIST — assistance to patients with a variety of neurological pathologies, including with the help of unique kinesiotaping;
REHABILITATION DOCTOR — will help to restore the human body after diseases and injuries;
DOCTOR — PROFESSIONAL PATHOLOGIST-will help with health problems that have arisen in the course of professional activity;
ENT DOCTOR — help in the treatment of any conditions of the nose, throat, ear and upper respiratory tract;
DOCTOR — ultrasound — will conduct a survey of all human organs and tissues on an expert-class ultrasound device.


Doctor Primary appointment Secondary reception
Therapist 800 600
Pediatrician 800 600
Traumatologist-orthopedist 800 600
Neurologist 800 600
Rehabilitation specialist 800 600
Professional pathologist 800 600
ENT 800 600
Doctor-Ultrasound 800 600


Specialty — Pediatrics

Diploma — Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, 1998

Primary specialization — Bashkir State Medical University, from 01.09.1998 to 31.09.1999, internship, " Pediatrics"

Certificate — 1166241255817 «Pediatrics» is valid until 15.05.2022.


Specialty — Ultrasound, therapy

Diploma — Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, 1998

Primary specialization — Ultrasound: St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, from 09.09 to 10.12.2009, professional training «Ultrasound diagnostics».

Therapy: 22 Internship of the medical staff of the SF, 5 months, primary specialization «Therapy», Severomorsk, 1995.

Certificate — Ultrasound: 0342240352262 «Ultrasound diagnostics» is valid until 13.12.2019
Therapy: 032304 0000182 «Therapy» is valid until 24.04.2020.


Specialty — Health organization and public health, Physical therapy and sports medicine

Diploma — BVS 0127370 Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, 1998

Primary specialization — OZiOZ: 232495334382 chou DPO «International Innovation Center for Intellectual Development», from 09.07.2017 to 04.05.2017, 576 hours, Sochi.
LFiSM: 232406204640 chou DPO «International Innovation Center for Intellectual Development», from 02.10.2017 to 16.01.2018, 576 hours, Sochi.

Certificate — OZiOZ: 1123241274997 «Health Organization and public health» valid until 04.05.2022
LFiSM: 1123241418045 «Physical therapy and sports medicine» is valid until 15.01.2023.

The health center is located on the territory of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony», a 5-minute walk from the sea. Modern methods of treatment, highly qualified doctors, innovative diagnostic equipment and natural healing factors of the resort city of Sochi allow you to get a unique health effect for the body.
Health Center «Yekaterininsky Kvartal», 16 building Nadezhdy Boulevard, 40
Operating time:
Daily: 8: 00-20: 00
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