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Procedure Cost, RUB
Express care 1200
Express care+massage 1900
express care+massage+phonophoresis 2100
The care of dry skin 1500
Dry skin care+massage 2400
Dry skin care+massage+phonophoresis 2600
care for problem skin 1900
problem skin care+darsonval 2200
care for sensitive skin 1900
sensitive skin care+massage 2400
sensitive skin care+massage+phonophoresis 2600
Age-related skin care +massage 2600
Age-related skin care+massage+mesoporation 2900
Care for the eye area 1200
Care of the eye area+massage 2100
Restorative care 1700
Restorative care+massage 2400

The appointment is conducted by a cosmetologist with 15 years of experience both in Russia and abroad, an active trainer-teacher in the field of aesthetic and hardware cosmetology. An experienced doctor will hold a consultation appointment, select and conduct the optimal set of cosmetic procedures.

The health center is located on the territory of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony», a 5-minute walk from the sea. Modern methods of treatment, highly qualified doctors, innovative diagnostic equipment and natural healing factors of the resort city of Sochi allow you to get a unique health effect for the body.
Health Center «Yekaterininsky Kvartal», 16 building Nadezhdy Boulevard, 40
Operating time:
Daily: 8: 00-20: 00
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